Many lifestyle interventions are anti-inflammatory and are rather simple in their nature. It comes down to covering basic human needs. Meeting one’s nutritional demands for proteins, energy-giving complex carbs, healthy fats such as omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins, and minerals. Finding a training program that will challenge you to build a stronger body – not just … Läs mer

dr maria sundberg - health coach norrtälje

Do you recognize yourself feeling? I do not have time to exercise but I feel my body is in desperate need of physical movement. I do not have time to go to the gym. I want to move more but I just do not know how to start and what to do… Then, KETTLEBELL TRAINING … Läs mer

Short Facts Name: Birgitta Lundgård Age: 79 Years Lives in: Mora, Sweden Education: Elementary School, Swim Teacher Professional Career: Optometrist Assistant       1)      How does a week look in your life? How many times per week do you exercise? In what sports do you engage?   My daily exercise I get from taking … Läs mer

Meet the US Army Sergeant Ron Smith. Ron served in support of various missions within the United States, Iraq, and Germany, but was forced to retire early due to a traumatic brain injury. Here is his story about how he started exercising, his remarkable improvements and achievements, his injury, and how he recovered by being … Läs mer

In this interview we meet another colleague from my running club ”Hamburger Laufladen”. Miriam Kwasny title herself as runner and triathlete. She is 52 years old, started running when she was 46, and now she aims to be on the international podiums in Triathlon.       Miriam enjoys training a lot, or put in Miriams wording – I Train … Läs mer

Annika Krull and I both run for the running club ”Hamburger Laufladen”. However, I have to admit that Annika is substantially faster than me, and I envy her efficient running stride. It looks so easy when she runs, and still she runs so fast.   Recently, Annika finished the German Half-Marathon Championships with a new personal best of … Läs mer

Learn how to individualize your training towards your different goals based on your muscular makeup.    ARE YOU A SLOW OR A FAST TWITCH RUNNER    

My goal is to run 5K under 20 minutes. I have not succeeded yet. The 5K-distance requires good anaerobic capacity and a powerful running stride, and these are my weaknesses. Even if I want to run fast, I just cannot. Entering the finish line, I am not exhausted, but I can also not run faster … Läs mer

Running is King to become a better runner, so why do I engage in strength-training? Adding some heavier resistance-training into my training program has made my running more bouncy and powerful. I do not lift heavy weights to get bigger muscles and not to be the strongest woman in the gym. I weight-train to get … Läs mer