Annika Krull and I both run for the running club ”Hamburger Laufladen”. However, I have to admit that Annika is substantially faster than me, and I envy her efficient running stride. It looks so easy when she runs, and still she runs so fast.


Recently, Annika finished the German Half-Marathon Championships with a new personal best of 1.19.08, and then two weeks later she finished 17th lady in the HASPA Marathon in Hamburg, again with a new PB of 2.48.06.


Annika Krull running the HASPA Marathon in Hamburg (2016). Accompanied by her training- and partner in life – Christian Oettinger.


In 2015, Annika had to engage in lots of alternative training due to over-load injuries from too much and too intensive running.



After spending hours on the spinning bike she signed up for her first bike race, which then guided her into Triathlon.



This year, Annika’s big goal is her start in the World Championships in Long-Distance Triathlon on Hawaii in October.



Read more about how Annika is planning her training for her big goals, and how her running has improved with the hours of triathlon training. Read also about her previous athletic background in hurdles, tripping, and jumping; and learn more about her sound training philosophy. Follow this link to read more:  Meet Annika Krull_Runner and Triathlete.



A competition is always a goal that you can train and look forward to – but it should never be a real stressor – you should always enjoy and make sure to have fun in the sport you do.” – Annika Krull, 2017