Dr Maria Sundberg

Deep Health Coach / Wellbeing, Preventive Health & Longevity

Do you want to explore the factors that are important for your life-long health? 

What are the factors that are important for the maintained health of your body but also your mind and soul? 

  • Your lifestyle is of course a major player!
  • How do you SLEEP?
  • How often and intensely do you engage in PHYSICAL ACTIVITY?
  • How do you EAT and DRINK?
  • How HAPPY, RELAXED, STRESSED, or WORRIED do you feel? 
  • How do you feel in your RELATIONSHIPS? 

I believe that when we have greater knowledge and understanding of how our body and mind works, the easier it is for us to make better and healthier choices when it comes to our lifestyle habits.

Do you want to develop healthier habits?

With a scientific background, I can help YOU simplify the vast amounts of information about health, fitness, and nutrition. AND BREAK IT DOWN into individual guidelines for you.

I help strengthen your body and mind through flexible online COACHING that you can “FIT” into your busy schedule.

Coaching – what is it and could it be something for you?  

Life is a dynamic process. Things change all the time. Not only the environment that we live and act in but also our body and mind change as we add years to our life journey. 

At times we might feel overwhelmed when too many things change at one time. We might feel that we lose ourselves. We lose our sense of what direction to take. We want to get a grip on our situation but the same thoughts are on repeat. We feel stuck. This is when coaching is helpful. 

What do you want?

As a health- and nutrition coach, many people come to me with the wish to LOSE WEIGHT, to TONE and TIGHTEN their body, or to feel STRONGER and/or more ENERGY. 

What we express that we want is often connected to our surface. 

But this is seldom what we TRULY want. 

Does this sound like you?

Are you very hard on yourself? Do you go on crash diets? Is your inner self-talk negative? Do you have problems in relationships? Are YOU maybe a bit too independent? Do you like to do it all by yourself?  Are you competitive? Are you highly driven by performance? Do you judge your sense of worth according to your performance? 

How coaching could help you

You are simply not happy with the way your body looks and feels. You want to get rid of those extra kilos around the belly. You want to feel less swollen. You want to feel tighter and more toned. You want your muscles to be more visible. You want those fancy pants in your wardrobe to fit. You want your skin and hair to glow.

An example…

But why do you want these things? 

When we start looking underneath all that into YOU and your CORE NEEDs, you express that you want something else…beyond how your body looks to others: 

  • You want to feel less ‘stuck’ in your situation.
  • You want to feel less lonely in your struggles with life. 
  • You want to feel more appreciated. 
  • You want to feel deeper connections.
  • More intimacy in your close relationships. 
  • You simply want to feel ‘peace of mind’.