Dr Maria Sundberg 


Dr. Maria Sundberg holds a PhD in molecular biology. She focuses on the science and foundations of how to keep fit, strong, and healthy for life.

Can we look healthy on the outside but still be unhealthy inside?

What factors are important for our life-long health?

What factors are important for the maintained health of our body but also our soul?

Our lifestyle is a major player!

  • How we SLEEP!
  • How often and intensive we engage in PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.
  • How we EAT and DRINK.
  • How HAPPY, relaxed, STRESSED, or worried we feel.
  • How we feel in our RELATIONSHIPS.

What can I do for you?

With a scientific background, I can help simplify the vast amounts of information about health, fitness, and nutrition into individual guidelines for you.

I believe that when we have greater knowledge and understanding of how our body actually works, the easier it is for us to make better and healthier choices when it comes to our lifestyle habits.

I help strengthen your body and mind through flexible online coaching that you can fit into your hectic schedule.

What to expect of 1:1 coaching?

We begin with a DISCOVERY CALL where we talk about your life and what is truly important to you.

We then look into how you could use your existing resources in reaching your life goals. Maybe, you simply want to maintain the health and lifestyle you have today but you need someone that cheers you along the way.

Curious, or further questions?

Book your call via the link below or send me an email to: maria@drmariasundberg.com

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