Short Facts

Name: Birgitta Lundgård

Age: 79 Years

Lives in: Mora, Sweden

Education: Elementary School, Swim Teacher

Professional Career: Optometrist Assistant



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1)      How does a week look in your life? How many times per week do you exercise? In what sports do you engage?


My daily exercise I get from taking care about the household (cooking, cleaning, and washing). On top of that I go to gymnastic- and aerobic classes with Friskis&Svettis 4 times a week. Sometimes I even manage to do double workouts. I walk, cycle, and cross-country ski during the winter time.



2)      Did you ever compete in any sport? At what age did you start, and how much did you train when being competitive?


I have not been competing so much in my life but when I was 15-16 years of age I was competing randomly in cross-country skiing.



3)      What are your favorite foods? What foods gives you energy and strength?


My favorite dish is pork chops and other traditional Swedish “Husmanskost” dishes. I also enjoy a lot of fruit and vegetables.



4)      What is “Birgitta’s” view on nutrition – what should we eat and drink?


Eat and drink in moderation. I do not like dishes that are too fatty, and some sauces I have problems to eat, but I do not say no to a glass of wine ;-).



Birgitta Doing The Plank



5)      What do you eat and drink when you feel an infection is on its way? Do have any special home-remedy to share?


I do not eat or drink something special to protect myself from disease, but if I have a cold I drink hot water with honey.



6)      If you ever catch a cold, at what time of the year would that happen (spring, summer, autumn, or winter)? Would you catch the same type of infections in similar months from year to year?


I have not been ill, or even had a cold for several years (knock on woods).



7)      What are your mottos in life?


I do not think too much about my mottos, but I guess it would be to stay healthy so that I can enjoy all the things like doing. Being able to continue going to the Friskis&Svettis classes, take walks in the nature, cross-country ski in the winter, and enjoy the bright Swedish summer nights on my bike.


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