I simply love giving workshops. Teaching people the details of the basic science for maintained fitness and health is a passion of mine. My first workshop series was held in the studio of Fiteverywhere in Poznan, Poland for the Poznan International Ladies Club (PILC). The title was “How to keep fit, strong and healthy for life”.   … Läs mer

10 week workshop series teaching the scientific knowledge behind sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance.   Workshops are divided into one theoretic part, followed by an exercise part.   We discuss concepts such as:   FAT LOSS versus WEIGHT LOSS   NUTRITION & FAT LOSS?   How does our nutrition, what we eat and drink, make us gain … Läs mer

”How to become your strongest and fastest runner – from beginner, to 5 K, and to Ultra Marathons” In this Runners! Workshop we discuss the following topics.   Why do you run? What is your goal? Recreational, weight-loss, to keep fitness, and/or meditation? Competition as motivation?   Basic exercise physiology What is training? Creating energy for … Läs mer