I simply love giving workshops. Teaching people the details of the basic science for maintained fitness and health is a passion of mine.

My first workshop series was held in the studio of Fiteverywhere in Poznan, Poland for the Poznan International Ladies Club (PILC). The title was “How to keep fit, strong and healthy for life”.


The first part of in each workshop was dedicated to increasing the participants awareness and knowledge about different basic key concepts. During three lectures we discussed oxidative stress, acute- and chronic inflammation and how this in linked to chronic disease. We then went into how we can boost our body to be more protected to chronic disease by nutrition and exercise. We discussed the details of foods, how our body process what we eat and drink. In the final lecture we discussed what happens in our body when we are exercising and how different types of physical activity affect our brain and body. A schedule for how to exercise in a week was presented.


Oxidative stress   Proteins  Workshop Foods


The second part of each workshop was dedicated to exercise. We performed a full-body workout aimed at targeting as many muscles of our body as possible.  The ladies got to experience the importance of a proper warm-up to prepare both their body’s as well mindset’s for more demanding work. The warm-up was followed by more focused strength work, either with body-weight or making use of kettle bells. The workout was rounded off with a warm-down and and dynamic yoga-like stretching.