Dr Maria Sundberg

Deep Health Coach / Wellbeing, Preventive Health & Longevity

This is what you say you want…

But when we start looking into YOU, you really want something else… 

  • You want to feel less ‘stuck’ in your situation.
  • You want to feel less lonely in your struggles with life. 
  • You want to feel more appreciated. 
  • You want to feel deeper connections.
  • More intimacy in your close relationships. 
  • You simply want to feel ‘peace of mind’.

This is what COACHING is about. 

As your COACH, I am here to guide you. 

What are your (human) needs right now? 

I work from a model that I refer to as DEEP HEALTH. 


You have questions or would like to hear more?

Book your call via the link below or send me an email to: maria@drmariasundberg.com